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Restorative Dentistry
Chicopee, MA

Women smiling after restorative dentistry by Our Dentist in Chicopee, MADr. Brahmbhatt can repair your teeth after they have been damaged from decay or fracture. The team at Our Dentist can restore the health of your teeth, making them both functional and aesthetically beautiful. We offer a variety of repair options to remove bacteria and then to repair the damage that was done. If you are seeking information on tooth implants, crowns, bridges or more, Dr. Brahmbhatt can evaluate your situation and help you make the decision that is best for you.

Our restorative services include:

Dental Caries and Cavities

Our teeth are constantly in use, and that means that they are constantly exposed to bacteria. Bacteria eats away at the enamel of your teeth causing damage and then gains access inside your tooth. We can remove the decay and then fill in the now empty space with composite filling or by placing an inlay or onlay depending on the size of the cavity.
Learn more about Dental Caries and Cavities

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the soft tissues that surround and support your teeth. This infection can cause your gum tissue to pull away from the infection, and at the same time recede from your teeth. Without the support that your teeth need, they can become loose or even fall out.
Learn more about Gum Disease

Root Canal Therapy

When bacteria has acquired passage below the enamel of your tooth and gained access to the pulp inside your tooth, the result can be serious pain. Dr. Brahmbhatt will need to go inside the tooth, clear away the infected material and then provide support to your now weakened tooth with a dental crown.
Learn more about Root Canal Therapy

Missing Teeth

Dental Crown used to replace missing teeth by Chicopee Dentist.Missing teeth can lead to other damaging effects. From teeth shifting to changes in your bite and bone atrophy, we can stop those effects with various dental prosthodontics. Dr. Brahmbhatt can discuss tooth implants, dental bridges and dentures with you to replace missing teeth.
•  Tooth Implants: To replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, we can implant a titanium post in your jawbone to serve as a new tooth root and then place a dental crown on top. Dental implants are a permanent restoration that will look and feel like a natural tooth.
•  Dental Bridge: A dental bridge replaces missing teeth by covering two healthy teeth or implant posts which serve as anchors with the false teeth in between.
•  Dentures: We can replace all of your teeth if they are missing or unhealthy with the placement of a denture. Dentures come in multiple variations, including both removable and non-removable. Non-removable dentures can be retained with dental implants.

The team at Our Dentist can restore your teeth to full functional use, and improve their aesthetics, giving you the healthy smile you want. Multiple studies have shown that a healthy mouth is directly related to a patient’s overall health. We can help. Contact us today at (413) 217-4455 to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Brahmbhatt.
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