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CEREC Same Day Crowns
Chicopee, MA

Cerec One-Visit Dentistry Logo. We can bring a tooth back to health and protect it with a crown all in one day using the CEREC in office milling station. Dr. Brahmbhatt knows that his patients value a dentist who stays up on the latest tips, education, tools, and technology, and the team at Our Dentist agrees. We can give you healthy and strong teeth all in one day, meaning less time in the chair, less cost, and less hassle for you.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a small milling machine that we have in our office. Using CAD software, the CEREC machine is able to design, create, and insert customized ceramic restorations including crowns, inlays and onlays and dental bridges while you wait.

Graphic of Cerec Same Day Dental Crowns used by Chicopee Dentist, Our Dentist. The CEREC machine takes digital images, or scans, and then using the CAD software designs a perfect, customized restoration for you. Our patients love CEREC because it is able to make precise dental restorations that are aesthetically perfect, fit perfectly, and that generally last a long time. The ceramic materials used are biocompatible, metal free, and are milled from start to finish in about two hours, and most importantly, in one visit.

With the CEREC station we can create the following restorations on site:
•  Dental Crowns
•  Inlays and Onlays
•  Dental Bridges

Am I a candidate for a CEREC restoration?

If Dr. Brahmbhatt has discussed a new dental crown, inlay, onlay or bridge with you, then you are a CEREC candidate. If you have cracked or fractured a tooth, have old failing restorations, or have experienced extensive damage to your teeth, then you are a CEREC candidate. If you would like to change your old amalgam, gold or other metal restorations with biocompatible restorations, then you are a CEREC candidate. We are happy to discuss the use of creating a biocompatible dental restoration with our CEREC device with any of our patients who require a large restoration. This option is typically less expensive than other restorations because it is done here in our office, where we cut out the dental lab middle man.

How CEREC Works

African-American woman smiling into a mirror after getting Cerec Same Day Dental Crown by her Chicopee Dentist at Our Dentist.Dr. Brahmbhatt begins your CEREC restoration by first taking a three dimensional digital model of your oral cavity. The software then determines the approximate restoration shape, size, and necessary indentions needed, using biogeneric comparisons to the patient’s neighboring teeth. Dr. Brahmbhatt will review the recommended restoration and make small detailed alterations as needed to the model. With the model now precise and complete, the CEREC machine will then carve the actual restoration out of a small ceramic block using diamond head cutters under the computerized system’s control. Once complete, the restoration will then be cemented into place on the specified tooth using a resin material.

Staying up to date on the tools and technology that enhances your dental care is important to us. We value our patients and love to see them smile. We look forward to meeting you and welcome your call at (413) 217-4455.
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