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Why You Should Be Using a Soft Toothbrush

Posted on 6/25/2017 by Dr. Brahmbhatt
A blue toothbrush with toothpaste on it.
America is a land of choices. When you go to the store there are rows of toothbrushes to choose from. Each one has its own special feature.

Some have a tongue scraper or one may have bristles arranged a particular way or they have different colors showing the uneven heights of the various bristles. Some have small heads and some have large. And then there are the bristles themselves.

You can get bristles that are soft, medium and hard. So with all of these choices, which one should you get? Well the shape of the head and the features of the bristles are purely a matter of personal preference.

The strength of the bristles, however, makes a difference. You should pay attention to whether the bristles are soft, medium or hard. That is important.

What is the Difference?
Understanding the difference has to start with an understanding of how your teeth are constructed. You don't need a detailed explanation but you should understand the role that tooth enamel plays in protecting your teeth.

Enamel is a translucent, thin, outer covering of your teeth. It forms a tough shell around your teeth and it is the hardest substance in the human body. Enamel protects the center of your tooth when you bite and chew.

Though it is hard, it can crack. What generally happens to your enamel is that it erodes because of the acid in your mouth. Drinks high in citric acid can cause excessive acid in your mouth. Diet, medication, and dry mouth can also contribute to tooth erosion.

This is where the toothbrush bristles comes in. If you use a brush with a medium or hard bristle you are introducing additional abrasion to your tooth enamel.

If you brush vigorously and then have a harder brush on top of it, you are opening yourself up for potential damage to your tooth enamel. A soft brush gets your teeth just as clean, but without the potential damage.

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