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The Importance of Brushing Before You Go to Sleep

Posted on 5/27/2017 by Dr. Brahmbhatt
A woman brushing her teeth; before she goes to sleep.
Brushing prior to going to sleep each night is a must. It is the one time of the day where you never want to forget to brush. The main reason for this is to rid your mouth of the waste of the bacteria that were in your mouth since your last meal (or meals if you didn't brush after lunch).

If you leave that in your mouth at night, it calcifies your plaque and increases the damage the acids in your mouth are able to do to your teeth.

The Danger of Leaving Your Teeth Dirty When You Go to Sleep

Just like everything else on the planet that is alive, the bacteria that are alive in your mouth give off waste. This waste, if you do not brush your teeth, sits on your teeth all night long.

The waste is like putting straight acid on your teeth, and it causes a rapid breakdown of your tooth's enamel. Instead of going to sleep with this covering your teeth, brushing and flossing before bed gets rid of the majority of it, helping to keep your mouth healthier.

Making Brushing Before Bed a Little Easier

The best way to make brushing right before bed an easier task to remember, is to make it a part of your nighttime routine. Wash your face, use the washroom, brush and floss, then head to bed. Do it in the same order each night for a month, and by the end of that month, you will be doing it out of pure habit instead of having to think about it first.

It happens that we fall asleep now and again at night without meaning to, but if you regularly forget to brush before bed, make sure to contact our office today. They may want to see you a bit more often than every six months.

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